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The next ‘Hands-on’ Reiki weekend course on the Gold Coast is 2nd & 3rd November 2019

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Reiki Course Gold Coast

Ron & Melodys Reiki Courses on the Gold Coast are best described as being ‘magical’. Some describe them as being; ‘Reiki Revealed‘. Others say ‘Reiki and Beyond‘ as they include many multiple facets of Reiki. Ron & Melody Reiki Course on the Gold Coast presents a complete – comprehensive training. These Reiki trainings include ‘Reiki 1 and 2’ as well as an extra modality called ‘Seichem’. Ron & Melody presents a very ‘holistic’ perspective. Many have commented at how each different modality seems to work on different aspects and levels of our being.

One main focuses of Reiki is on relaxation. It’s said that Reiki may also help us to focus more on the expansion of our consciousness. Reiki may also be able to help us with releasing suppression. This may be with releasing repressed emotions, negative thoughts or energy blockages. Also, Reiki can be a profound journey of self development for us. Many have commented how ‘Reiki’ is the key that got them started on the path of self-awareness, self-development, self-improvement & personal growth.

Ron & Melodys Reiki weekend Reiki courses are amazing. They’re presented in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. Ron & Melody facilitates easy learning with a magical blend of theory, philosophy and practical ‘hands-on’ experience.

Advanced Reiki

As well as Reiki 1, Ron & Melody also teaches advanced ‘Reiki 2’, plus as a bonus as special bonus ‘Seichem’. This advanced  training course teaches you how to use ancient Egyptian ‘Seichem’ symbols. These may help to establish a deep transformation of our physical, mind, emotional and spiritual bodies. Due to the ancient origins of the ‘Seichem’ symbols they’re able to help address the root cause of many of our problems. Hence, Reiki may be able to help us with stimulating our self development and spiritual growth.

As an added bonus, the course also includes ‘Magnified Healing’ which may also help in enhancing the power of Reiki and Seichem.

How to Book

The next weekend ‘Hands-on’ Reiki 1, 2 & Seichem Immersion Course will be held on Sat 2nd & Sun 3rd Nov 2019 – on the Gold Coast  – for more info. & to book – click here

Or just 1st Degree Reiki Sun 10th November 2019 – for more info. & to book  – click here

2nd Degree Reiki Sat & Sun 7th & 8th December 2019 – for more info. & to book – click here

Inquire now about your place in the next Reiki weekend course on the Gold Coast with Ron & Melody.

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