Reiki Course Gold Coast

Magical Happenings

Melodys Reiki Courses on the Gold Coast are often described as being ‘magical’. Often, Reiki is a magical experience.  Many have commented how something magical seems to happen when we do Reiki. Some describe the Reiki attunment as the ‘turning point’ in their life.

Many Facets of Reiki

There’s the physical ‘hands-on’ approach of Reiki, yet there’s also often, much more. There’s many multiple facets of Reiki. Some say that there’s more that happens beyond the physical. It’s often described as more of a spiritual practice.

Melodys Reiki Course on the Gold Coast presents a comprehensive training. These Reiki trainings include ‘Reiki 1 and 2’ as well as an extra modality called ‘Seichem’. Melody presents a ‘holistic’ perspective. Many have commented at how each different modality seems to work on different aspects and levels of our being.

Basically, one main focus of Reiki is relaxation. It’s said that Reiki may also help us to focus more on ourself, and therefore the expansion of our consciousness.  This may also be with releasing repressed emotions, negative thoughts or energy blockages. Also, Reiki can be a catalyst for a profound journey of self development.

The Magic of Reiki

With Melodys Reiki courses, there’s a magical blend of theory, philosophy, spiritual and practical ‘hands-on’ experience. We may say that anything is magic if there’s an unexpected happening.
In a sense, magic’s always happening around us, within us, in so many ways. It just so happens, it’s often when we least expect it, and where we’re unintentionally trying to do it.

With the magic of Reiki, we’re not talking here about any magical rituals and spells and the like. However, we may say that as magic is really happening all the time, it’s more about, simply about getting out of the way and allowing things to happen. In a sense, any magic is really coming from the spiritual realm. There’s’ really such a blurred line between magic and reality. I guess that the best way to experience it for yourself is to be a part of it.

Advanced Reiki

As well as Reiki 1, Melody also teaches advanced ‘Reiki 2’, plus as a bonus as special bonus ‘Seichem’. This advanced training course teaches you how to use ancient Egyptian ‘Seichem’ symbols. These may help to establish a deep transformation of our physical, mind, emotional and spiritual bodies. Due to the ancient origins of the ‘Seichem’ symbols they’re able to help address the root cause of many of our problems. Hence, Reiki may be able to help us with stimulating our self development and spiritual growth. Then, as an added bonus, the course also includes ‘Magnified Healing’ which may also help in enhancing the power of Reiki and Seichem. Melodys Reiki weekend courses are presented in an enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere.

How to Book

The next Reiki weekend course on the Gold Coast with Melody is Saturday 27th & Sunday 28th October 2018. To book – click the button below.

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