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What is Seichem-Reiki?

Reiki has been known as a wonderful ‘hands-on’ modality for almost about 100 years, however ‘Seichem’ is a lesser known similar ‘hands-on’ modality. Melody teaches both Reiki and Seichem in a 2 day weekend ‘hands-on’ workshop.

Often those looking at learning Reiki ask what’s the difference between Reiki and other modalities like Seichem. Here, we’ll discuss some of those differences.

Reiki can often be the start of a big change in peoples lives. Hence, Reiki 1 is a great place to start. Reiki 1 may be the start of a wonderful journey filled with learning and growth on so many different levels. Maybe as a simplified way to explain, Reiki 1 involves special attunments by a Reiki Master to help align us to the process of ‘hands-on’ healing. Reiki 1 is more of a physical ‘hands-on’ approach of Reiki. In a Reiki 1 class, after the attunments, you are guided through to step by step through the hands’-on process. Many find that Reiki 1 is all they need to lead a more fulfilling life. While for others, they may choose to venture onto the Reiki 2 training.

As well as the physical, Reiki 2 also is more directed towards the mental and emotional aspects of our being. Interestingly, it seems that many of our physical problems stem from our mental and emotional realms.

Reiki 2 combines the use of special techniques to help transmit the Reiki over distance. It’s often referred in Reiki as ‘Distant’ or ‘Absent’ healing.  This techniques include special symbols that are revealed. These Reiki symbols are a special gift to be cherished. Many Reiki 2 practitioners use these Reiki techniques in their life daily for many different things.

It could be said that both Reiki & Seichem are forms of hands-on healing. In Reiki, the energy has been described as very grounding and supportive. Seichem also contains the earth element as well as fire, water and air. Fire is about transformation, water is more concerned with deep emotional healing and air is more about the spiritual connection. Thus it may be said that Seichem is an expanded version of Reiki and may help to add extra dimensions dring a ‘hands-on’ session.

Magnified Healing is also a wonderful modality that can be a great Reiki adjunct. It’s said to be an ancient modality that was previously used only in the higher dimensions by ascended masters. As an  example, the energy of Master Kwan Yin that has been brought forth onto the planet to help with the spiritual advancement of humanity and the mother Earth. Kwan Yin is said to be the Goddess of mercy and compassion. These techniques focus on a constant flow of energy from our heart to our source. Some may say, our connection to all that is, the Infinite universe.

Many forms of traditional healing are ‘healer focused’ meaning that the seeker must go to a physician, priest, temple, shaman or other place to receive healing. Yet, with modalities like Reiki, Seichem and Magnified Healing, the healing is channeled and directed more-so ‘through’ the hands-on process. No-one has the right to claim these modalities as their own, they belong to humanity and the universe.

The Reiki and Seichem combined classes are an opportunity for all involved to come together in the true spirit of healing. Let’s share our experiences and skills so that both Reiki and Seichem can be accepted universally as a natural way  for the mind body and spirit. We need to work together to promote this cause. It is vital in our increasingly harsh and violent world that we help to promote the perspective of humanity. Together we can bring this combined gift of ‘Reiki and Seichem’ healing to the world. Increasingly, there’s reports of Reiki being practised in the likes of hospitals and clinics throughout the world. Let’s spread the word and make a difference.

The next Combined Reiki 1, 2 and Seichem Course with Melody on the Gold Coast is on Sat. & Sunday 16th & 17th March 2019 … to book go to:

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